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Compensation For Delivery Driver After Fall At Work

Our workplace injury solicitors helped a delivery driver secure a six figure sum after he fell out of a lorry.

Stephen was delivering bathrooms and needed to get stock out of the back of his wagon. The lorry had been loaded by packers and Stephen was finding it difficult to move the heavy items. In an attempt to move the goods, Stephen pulled on the banding around the items. However, this snapped and Stephen fell back, landing on the ground.

Stephen sustained a broken ankle and injured both of his feet which left him needing two operations. He had to take time off and is now unable complete heavy work.

Lisa Fairclough, a solicitor in our workplace injuries team, acted on behalf of Stephen and successfully secured more than £300,000 in compensation which has helped him fund physiotherapy and a training programme to do lighter work.

Commenting on the case, Lisa said: “The compensation recovered on his behalf has put him in a more stable financial position than he would otherwise have been in.

“Stephen is now back in full time employment thanks to the training he received and is moving on with his life putting his accident behind him.”

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