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Serious Injury Lawyers Secure Multi-Million Pound Reward For Innocent Victim

Serious injury lawyers from Irwin Mitchell helped to secure £3.3 million in compensation for the innocent victim of a violent assault.

Paula, whose name we have changed to protect her identity, was assaulted by her father when she was just six weeks old. Her father threw her across a room, in a horrific act of violence, when the youngster wouldn’t stop crying.

Our client sustained fractures to her skull and a severe traumatic brain injury. She required a ventricular-peritoneal shunt to be inserted in her skull to reduce the pressure caused by her injuries. It was also initially thought that Paula had lost her sight but this subsequently improved over time.

Paula had to stay in hospital for a period of four months and was later taken into care by her Local Authority. She continued to suffer with various symptoms including hemiparesis (weakness or paralysis of half the body), reduced vision, a squint, reduced balance, epilepsy, slurred speech, spasticity and significant cognitive deficits.

Paula was placed with a family for adoption where she began to thrive. As a result of significant help from her adoptive parents and due to her great determination, Paula has been able to take her GCSEs and volunteer in the community.

David Withers, a specialist serious injury solicitor, said: “This was a truly horrific and tragic case. Paula sustained very serious, life-changing injuries when she was only six weeks old. As a legal team, we carefully obtained strong evidence and statements to highlight Paula’s injuries and the consequential effects.

“To Paula’s credit, she has made fantastic progress. We were delighted to see her pass her GCSEs and volunteer in the community. She will now be able to enjoy a fulfilling life whilst having financial security for the future.”

Louise Jenkins, a Partner in our Sheffield Serious Injury team, added: “We fight hard on every case to get the right result for our client. Claims involving the Criminal Injuries Claims Authority (CICA) need particular skills and expertise. It is very important that clients seek specialist legal advice after a serious injury to ensure that they receive appropriate compensation for their injuries to protect their future.

“Without expert representation, in all likelihood the claim would be undervalued. It is vital that clients instruct a solicitor with a proven track record of successfully securing compensation and who can also give advice on important practical issues including rehabilitation and assistance with finances.”

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a violent assault,  our criminal injury claims team could help you  to secure compensation. Visit our Assault Compensation page for more information.

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