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Bespoke Rehabilitation Programme For Father Paralysed In Road Traffic Collision

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Serious Injury team helped a father to rebuild his life following a road traffic collision which resulted in catastrophic injuries.

On 21 August 2009, Bob Nicholson was riding his motorcycle on the way to see his son in Ecclesfield in Sheffield. A driver failed to stop and give way at a junction. Bob’s motorcycle and the vehicle subsequently collided. Bob suffered fractures to his thoracic vertebrae at T4 and T5. Bob also damaged his spinal cord, meaning that he would be paralysed for the remainder of his life. 

The driver’s insurance company initially denied liability in full. They subsequently accepted that their insured driver was partially at fault but alleged that Bob was also at fault. The case was four days away from a trial to deal with the issue of liability when the insurers finally accepted that their driver was entirely at fault. The insurance company had fought to try to reduce their financial liability to Bob. 

Irwin Mitchell obtained extensive expert evidence and witness statements on Bob’s behalf to prove his ongoing difficulties and restrictions, and to support the case for his additional needs. They also arranged for major adaptations to be made to Bob’s house to ensure that it was suitable for his needs. They implemented a bespoke rehabilitation programme, in particular case management, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatment, to maximise Bob’s independence and quality of life.

David Withers, a solicitor in the Serious Injury team, said: ‘This was a tragic incident resulting in Bob being rendered paralysed for the rest of his life. As a team, we worked tirelessly to put into place the necessary and recommended rehabilitation to ensure that Bob’s quality of life was maximised. In particular, we tried to reduce the ongoing pain Bob was in as much as possible.

“We made sure that Bob was able to return to the home he had lived in for a number of years before the accident by arranging and coordinating major adaptations. This meant that Bob was able to live closely to his family and friends which gave him comfort after suffering from such life changing injuries.

“We secured a settlement for Bob which will mean he is financially protected in the future. In particular, he will have the necessary funds for care, therapies and treatment for the rest of his life. Bob will receive a guaranteed annual payment for the remainder of his life.

“We also secured a Provisional Damages Order, entitling Bob to apply for further damages in the event that he suffers from a specified deterioration.

“Bob’s life will never be the same but he now has access to the very best rehabilitation and he is financially protected for the future.”

If you or a loved one has been  injured in a road traffic accident, our serious injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Road Traffic Accident Claims page for more information.

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