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Settlement For Woman After Being Let Down By Social Services

We helped a young woman who suffered years of neglect and sexual abuse under the care of her mother.

Our client, Denise, was born in 1977 to a mother who was involved in prostitution, and a father who was a client of her mother’s. Denise was removed by social services when she was 18 months old after concerns were raised regarding inappropriate care arrangements and her mother’s lifestyle. Despite the overwhelming concerns, Denise was returned to her mother shortly afterwards.

Afterwards she was subjected to sexual abuse by clients of her mother and inappropriate babysitters, and also physical assaults and neglect at the hands of her mother. Denise was never removed from her mother’s care and left home at 17 of her own accord.

We issued proceedings in the High Court, which prompted the solicitors for the Local Authority to look at Denise’s case seriously and consider making her an offer.

Shortly after issuing proceedings, the solicitors for the Local Authority identified that they were at risk and so offered to settle Denise’s claim for £20,000 which she accepted.

Luke Daniels, head of our Birmingham abuse team, commented: “This was not a straightforward legal case, but the Local Authority identified that there were serious oversights on their part in failing to safeguard our client. This settlement has given our client the confidence to speak out and she has even gone on to publish a successful book about her experiences.”

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