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Compensation Secured For Man Involved In Serious Road Traffic Accident

Serious injury solicitors at Irwin Mitchell negotiated compensation for a man involved in a serious road traffic collision at the age of 23. The funds will provide for specialist eye prosthetics, as well as paying for any further surgery he might need.

Our client, Oliver, was travelling as a front seat passenger in a car being driven by an acquaintance when the driver cut across a junction, without giving way, and collided head on with a van.

Serious eye injury

As a result of the collision, Oliver suffered a tear to an artery in his neck which led to a minor stroke, a collapsed lung and a minor head injury. However, Oliver’s most serious injury was to his left eye, which was penetrated by glass in the collision. He underwent surgery immediately after the collision but surgeons were not able to save the eye.

Bespoke prosthesis 

Oliver received a prosthetic eye via the NHS but found the prosthesis uncomfortable, and was self-conscious about its appearance. Using interim funds secured via his legal claim, specialist solicitor Kate Petchey was able to source a private ocularist who tailor-made a bespoke prosthetic eye for Oliver.

As part of the claim process, Irwin Mitchell sought an opinion from an expert ophthalmologist, who advised that Oliver would require ongoing replacement prosthetics for the remainder of his life and would also likely suffer with at least one medical complication resulting in further surgery.

The other injuries Oliver sustained also had a lasting effect. The stroke resulted in a weakness in his right hand which, despite physiotherapy, continued to cause problems on a day to day basis. Oliver also experienced ongoing problems with his concentration and memory as a result of the minor head injury and stroke he suffered in the collision.

Compensation secured

Irwin Mitchell successfully won Oliver’s claim for compensation. The settlement provides Oliver with the funds to pay for his bespoke prosthetics for the rest of his life and will also cover the cost of any further surgery he may require.

At the time of the collision, Oliver has completed a degree course and was hoping for a career as a probation officer. As a consequence of his ongoing difficulties, there remained a question mark over whether he would be able to secure work in that field, although he was by the date of the settlement undertaking work in a different field, which he was enjoying. The compensation awarded to Oliver also reflected the fact that he might not be able to do the job he had dreamed of, and to provide him with a “safety net” for periods in the future when he might find himself out of work.

Upon settlement of his claim, Oliver said: “PI lawyers get such a bad reputation from the TV with all the 'no win no fee stuff', but Irwin Mitchell have been excellent, in contrast to what I feared it would be like 'dealing with a solicitor".

Commenting on the case, solicitor Kate Petchey, who worked on Oliver's claim, said: “It is satisfying to know that Oliver was delighted with the way in which his claim was dealt with. As a young man, it was important Oliver’s claim was concluded in a reasonable timescale to allow him to move on with his life, but whilst also ensuring the appropriate evidence was obtained to ensure he received the compensation he needed to provide him with security for the future."

If you or a loved one has been injured in a road traffic accident, our serious injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Road Traffic Accident Claims page for more information.

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