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Compensation For A Worker Exposed To Excessive Noise

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist serious injury team have successfully claimed compensation for a man who suffered hearing loss because of his work.

Mr X worked at Turner & Newall between 1958 and 1969 as a machine operator. He was exposed to excessive levels of noise from the machines that he worked on, such as presses and vibrating machines which shook asbestos.

During this time, Mr X was only given hearing protection by his employer at a very late stage of his employment. This resulted in Mr X not having ear protection for most of the time that he was employed by the company.

Later on in life, Mr X found that his hearing was deteriorating. He struggles following conversations if there is any background noise. Mr X also has to have the TV and his mobile phone volume turned up.

Mr X decided to contact Irwin Mitchell’s specialist serious injury team and one of our experienced legal professionals, Alison Gregory, was able to deal with his claim. Alison was able to contact a medical expert to provide a report regarding the Claimant's hearing loss.

It was found that Mr X’s hearing had been damaged significantly during his period of work and this could have been prevented had hearing protection been available throughout his employment.

As a result of his hearing loss he will require the use of hearing aids in the future. With this evidence Alison was able to secure Mr X £2,500 in compensation.

If you or a loved one has suffered hearing loss due to exposure to excessive noise at work, our personal injury lawyers could help you to claim compensation. Visit our Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Compensation page for more information.

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