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Soldier Receives Army Compensation Following Severe Spinal And Head Injuries

A soldier medically discharged from the Army after sustaining head and spinal injuries was able to claim compensation through the hard work of specialist Armed Forces solicitors at Irwin Mitchell’s Sheffield office.

In 2009 our client, a soldier in the Royal Artillery, was injured in Afghanistan when an accommodation tent he was helping to reposition with three of his colleagues was suddenly lifted into the air by the down draft caused by a landing Chinook helicopter.

Our client, who was still holding onto the tent, was thrown into the air before finally landing on his head. As a result of this accident our client sustained a severe spinal injury and head injury.

Despite extensive surgery and rehabilitation treatment our client was not able to return to full military duties and was eventually medically discharged from the Army in 2012.

The MoD accepted that they were to blame for our client’s injuries and settlement was reached after a Joint Settlement Meeting in September 2013. Our client received £176,000 in compensation for his injuries.

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