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Personal Trainer Receives £6,000 In Compensation After Being Injured At Work

Injury experts at Irwin Mitchell have secured £6,000 in compensation for a woman who was injured by a piece of equipment at work.

Our client, who is a personal trainer, was working at the gym when a 20kg weight fell off an item of equipment and onto her foot. She immediately suffered from pain and was taken to hospital where she was later diagnosed with a fractured foot.

She spent six weeks in a plaster cast as a result, and was unable to train her clients properly or stay in shape by running, walking and weight training. Our client suffered a loss of earnings after she was unable to work at all for a week and found it difficult to return to full-time training for months. Six months after the accident, she tentatively started to run and build up her strength again.

Rae Cox, a specialist injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, was assigned to our client’s case. Rae said that she hopes the case will reinforce the need for gyms to prioritise safety for both staff and members.

"This case highlights the fact that gyms can be potentially dangerous places for both professionals and members of the public if equipment is not stored safely and checked regularly," she commented.

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