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Compensation For Woman Injured In Winter Road Collision

Irwin Mitchell have successfully claimed compensation for a female driver who was injured in a road traffic accident during the winter of 2010.

Our client was driving down a narrow, bendy lane, taking extra care due to the icy conditions when she spotted another car approaching in the opposite direction. There was a sharp bend ahead so our client slowed right down to take this into consideration. As the other car came round the tight corner, it completely lost control and was seen to swing from left to right as it moved closer toward our client’s vehicle.

The other car was so out of control that our client could not predict where it would end up. The vehicle approaching ended up blocking both lanes causing a collision.

Because of the crash, our client suffered injuries to the chest, neck and ribs and she now experiences stress and nervousness when travelling. Our client had to take two months off work and could not carry out the same duties as she could before the collision.

The claim was settled in April 2013 and our client received £3,500 compensation.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a road traffic accident, our personal injury lawyers could help you to claim compensation. Visit our Road Traffic Accident Claims page for more information.

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