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Compensation For Female Driver Injured In Road Traffic Collision

Irwin Mitchell has successfully claimed over £3,000 in compensation for a female driver injured in a road traffic accident in May 2009.

Our client was driving along her normal route to work, when she noticed a number of parked cars on the approach to a staggered junction.

She took care and indicated her intention to move around the parked cars well in advance, but just after she passed the first parked car, a vehicle appeared in the distance on the other side of the road.

Whilst the vehicle was moving fast, it did slow down the closer it got to our client’s car. However, it did not slow down all together and continued to push past our client’s car, mounting the bank. This forced our client to brake, as she had nowhere else to go. The two cars collided.

Because of the accident, our client suffered whiplash injuries, flashbacks and even felt nervous when driving, as well as travelling as a passenger.

The other driver denied being at fault but Kerry Hadley, personal injury specialist based in our Sheffield office, recovered £3,810 in compensation for the pain and suffering caused. The case settled out of court in April 2013.

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