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Man Suffers Hearing Loss Following Exposure To Excessive Noise Within Factory

A man receives £3,000 in compensation as a result of hearing loss when working with machinery without ear protection.  

The man, aged 79 at the time of receiving the compensation, was previously employed by Pilkington Glass as a Crane Driver and Washer Machine Operator. 

During a typical working day, the man would operate an electric crane to move scrap glass by taking full bins and emptying these into chutes from which the glass would land in skips. There were another seven electric cranes within the same department.

The man would be exposed to excessive noise from the glass crashing into the chutes and skips during his 8 hour shift. 

The man confirmed in order to communicate with his colleagues, he would have to shout and often used hand signals even though his colleagues were only a few feet away.

During his employment  the man was not provided with ear protection, despite the excessive noise within the factory which has deteriorated his hearing later in life.

He now struggles to follow conversations if there is any background noise and also has to turn up his TV and telephone.  

Following a medical expert report, instructed by Irwin Mitchell, it was found that the mans hearing had been damaged significantly during his period of employment and this could have been prevented with the provision of ear protection.

As a result of his hearing loss he will require the use of a hearing aid in the future.

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