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Compensation For Woman After Hospital Fails To Diagnose A Fracture

Irwin Mitchell’s specialised medical negligence team has helped a woman claim a five figure sum in compensation after a delay in diagnosis caused a permanent injury to her right wrist.

In August 2009 our client, Mrs W, fell from her BMX bike whilst riding and injured her wrist. She attended the Accident and Emergency department at Broomfield hospital where a number of x-rays were taken of her wrist. She was diagnosed with a fracture to her left wrist, which was put in a cast, and was advised to attend her local Accident and Emergency department the following day.

She attended Milton Keynes Hospital as advised the next day, where she also advised doctors that she was suffering from pain in her right wrist. She was examined by a doctor who looked at x-rays of her right wrist. The doctor did not see evidence of a fracture and requested Mrs W be put in a backslab for one week until the bruising went down.

A few weeks later the pain in Mrs W’s right wrist continued to get worse and therefore attended her local GP clinic. She was referred to hospital for a further x-ray which found a fracture to her right wrist. A cast was put on this wrist and she was asked to return in eight weeks.

On returning to hospital it was found that the fracture on the right wrist failed to heal. Mrs W had to go through two further surgeries including a bone graft to fix the fracture.

The injury now prevents Mrs W from doing any of her pre-accident hobbies of BMX riding, swimming and playing badminton.

Mrs W approached Irwin Mitchell’s medical negligence team, where specialist solicitor Kate Major dealt with the claim. Expert evidence was gained from a hand surgeon who confirmed that if the fracture had been picked up earlier, Mrs W would not have had a permanent injury to her right wrist. 

After expert evidence was gained, the hospital admitted they should have picked up the fracture. As a result of both the negligence and long-term suffering sustained, Mrs W has received £75,000 in compensation to aid her recovery.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a delayed or misdiagnosed medical condition, ourclinical negligence solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Medical Misdiagnosis Claims page for more information.

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