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Woman Slips On Discarded Banana Skin In Local Tesco Store

Irwin Mitchell's expert personal injury team were successful in claiming £1,500 compensation for our client, Grace, after she was involved in an accident at her local supermarket.

What Happened?

Grace, a 59-year-old woman from Leicester, slipped, fell and injured her hand after walking on a discarded banana skin at her local Tesco store. Tesco denied they were at fault because the store in question operated a ‘clean as you go’ policy.

What Did Irwin Mitchell Find?

The store could not provide any evidence to support the claim that such a policy was in place or adhered to, and there were no cleaning records at all for the aisle in question. Although Tesco’s solicitors issued further documentation in defence, the cleaning records were still not complete and there were no cleaning records in existence for the aisle in which Grace had her accident. Because of this, we asked Tesco to reconsider their position in relation to denial of liability.

What Was The Outcome?

Tesco offered Grace £1,500 compensation in an out-of-court settlement, which Grace accepted.

Kay Bailey, a personal injury specialist based in our Sheffield office, commented: “This is a good outcome for our client. Any company or individual wishing to rely on a ‘clean as you go’ policy should be able to provide documentation to show such a policy is in place and being adhered to. Tesco clearly failed in this particular instance."

Our slip and trips claims team could help you secure compensation if you have suffered an injury in a supermarket or shopping centre. See our Supermarket & Shopping Centre Accident Claims page for more information.

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