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A Woman Damages Her Shoulder Whilst At Work In A Supermarket

Our client was involved in an accident at work in September 2010, whilst she was working in a supermarket.

What Happened?
Our client was reducing items and went to get an empty box out of a pallet, but when she turned to walk away from the pallet she caught her foot in shrink wrap. The wrap was attached to the pallet causing her to fall forwards onto her shoulder.

How Was She Affected?
Our client sustained a rotator cuff tear, which is a tear to several muscles in her right shoulder.  She was unable to undergo surgery due to poor general health, so had to be treated with a course of physiotherapy.

What Was The Result?
Our client’s employers admitted liability and we helped our client recover £12,650 in an out of court settlement in July 2013.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in a shop, supermarket, or shopping centre, our personal injury lawyers could help you to claim compensation. Visits our Supermarket & Shopping Centre Accidents page for more information.

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