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Worcester Refuse Collector Receives Six Figure Compensation

Our client suffered very severe injuries to his lower leg in the course of his work as a refuse collector for the local council.

In the course of disembarking from the refuse collection vehicle his foot and ankle were crushed by one of the wheels of the vehicle.

The case was brought on the basis that an unsafe system of work had been adopted and that it was commonplace, indeed condoned practice, that refuse collectors would get in and out of slow moving refuse vehicles throughout the course of their work.

Stephen Nye, Partner in our Birmingham office handled the case and comments; "This was a very serious workplace injury, arising from a practice which was inherently dangerous, yet accepted by the employer. My client's injuries were very severe and at one point there were concerns that he may have to have an amputation, though thankfully excellent initial treatment avoided this.

My client has been left with a degree of ongoing disability which will limit his future earning potential. This significant award of compensation will ensure that my client and his family are secure in the future, despite this terrible accident.

It is all too common for people to ridicule health and safety in the work place, but the reality is that health and safety regulations are there for a very good reason. If the regulations are applied and adopted properly, then accidents like this do not happen".

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