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Woman Injured On Broken Glass At Work Wins Compensation

Our client, a 31 year old lady at the time of the accident, was working at the Red Lion in Sheffield when she severed a tendon in her hand while emptying a bin bag.

Our client was asked to carry the bin bag to the industrial bins outside. As she lifted the plastic bin bag up and over into the industrial bin, she put her left hand under the bag to push it up as it was heavy. In doing so, she cut her hand on some broken glass in the bottom of the bin bag. Had our client been provided with gloves and had appropriate bins been available, this accident would not have happened.

The cut to her hand has severed a tendon. She attended hospital and underwent a tendon repair procedure and later received physiotherapy to her hand. During her recovery, our client was not able to work at the Red Lion or at her full time job with Sheffield City Council.

The Red Lion initially denied liability for the injury but our client won the case and was awarded compensation in an out of court settlement. The other side had to reimburse Sheffield City Council the company sick pay it paid to her while she was off sick in addition to all the legal costs.

Our personal injury claims team could help you secure compensation for a burn, laceration or scarring from an injury at work. See our Burns, Scars & Lacerations At Work Claims page for more information.

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