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Woman Injured In Road Traffic Collision Agrees Out Of Court Settlement

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist road traffic collision team have helped a woman claim compensation in the sum of £150,000 after she was injured following a road traffic collision.

Our client had previously instructed a different solicitor who valued her case at £2,000. Although liability had been admitted early on, she had limited rehabilitation input at that stage. She then decided to transfer her case to us. 

It soon became clear that this case was complex; Mrs G had been driving her car about to carry out a left hand turn when a taxi crashed into the back of her. She sustained what first appeared to be whiplash injury. However subsequent investigations revealed her bladder function had been affected and that she had pain radiating down her leg - something which the previous solicitors failed to pick up on and needed to be looked into further.

Tests were carried out by a neurologist and urologist, which hinted at an impingement of the nerves and this, in turn, was affecting her bladder function.  

With the help of Laura Middleton-Guerard – personal injury specialist based in our London office, £150,000 was secured in an out of court settlement. This sum catered for the loss of earnings on an Ogden 7 calculation.

Although our client had remained in employment, it was argued that due to her injuries, she was disabled and faced a risk of being out of work at some stage of her life. We argued that a statistical approach should be used to calculate a loss of earnings on this basis as this would enable our client to be adequately compensated for.

The out of court settlement also provided for private treatment that would be required going forward such as Botox injections to minimise the pain and bladder spasms, neuro-modulation and follow up by a private urology consultant.

Laura commented: “Our client had instructed other solicitors before switching to us. It was clear that our client had sustained life changing injuries which she found difficult to come to terms with. It was also clear that she would require treatment and that this should be offered on a private basis. Our client should not have to rely solely on the NHS, especially in times of budgetary restrictions. The out of court settlement will ensure the client has the best possible care going forward.”

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