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Woman Injured Holidaying In Great Yarmouth Secures Compensation

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Public Liability team have successfully recovered compensation for a woman who suffered a fall in the autumn of 2010.

Holidaying at a caravan park in Great Yarmouth, the woman was walking her dog down a flight of steps to the local beach. She descended safely, in walking boots and with the dog securely to her heel; it was only as she reached the final step that our client tripped against a lump of raised concrete. She fell heavily and her attempts to steady herself failed, leaving her to land awkwardly on her arm and side. In the confusion of the fall the woman also bumped her head on the floor and grazed the left side of her face, near her eye, on the uneven rubble.

As a result of this fall the woman suffered a fracture to her left wrist, which had to be manipulated and set in plaster, while her cut face was healed with Steri-Strips. She was advised to take painkillers, and was referred to her local hospital upon returning home. Furthermore, our client had to undergo surgery to insert a metal plate and screws into her wrist, and needed to rest in the hospital overnight. Following this, her course of treatment was completed with a period of physiotherapy.

Throughout the healing process the woman required help with activities such as dressing, housework and shopping; limiting her independence and enjoyment of day to day life. 

Our specialist team pursued this case, with the defendants denying responsibility. The team was successful however, and were able to recover £7,200 to cover much of the woman’s expenses, in an out of court settlement.

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