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Woman Cut By Blade At Work Wins Compensation

Our client was employed as an Operator on a mould cutting machine for a company specialising in the manufacture and moulding of parts for a variety of vehicles. She was involved in cutting the most complex mould in the factory, using a Stanley knife with a metal handle.

The blades on the Stanley knives she used in this job became blunt after time and it would therefore be harder and take longer to cut the through the materials.

On the day our client suffered injury in 2009, she was in the process of cutting the mould. She was required to push with greater force because the blade on the knife was blunt and as she did so, the blade slipped out of the material and went into her forearm.

The cut our client sustained caused nerve damage which made her experience tingling sensations. She had to undergo surgery to explore and repair the nerve damage and has been left with two “V” shaped scars on her forearm.

The company she was employed by initially denied liability for the accident but our lawyers were able to negotiate an out of court settlement of £30,000 in compensation for the client.

Our personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation for a burn, laceration or scarring from an injury at work. See our Burns, Scars & Lacerations At Work Claims page for more information.

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