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Four Figure Sum Secured For Passenger Injured In Road Traffic Collision

Irwin Mitchell has recently helped a man secure compensation after he sustained a long-term whiplash injury after being involved in a road traffic accident.

Our client was travelling as a front seat passenger being driven by a colleague. As the vehicle was travelling through some traffic lights at a road junction, another vehicle drove through a red light and subsequently collided into the rear of the vehicle our client was travelling in. The collision caused our clients vehicle to move sideways, jolting our client around inside the vehicle causing him to hit the door window.

He did not feel immediate pain but later the same day began to suffer with pain in his neck and developed a headache. The pain in his neck worsened during the night and he attended A&E the following day.  He was advised he had sustained a whiplash injury and needed to allow it to get better on its own as they could offer no treatment.

Our client was unable to work due to the pain in his neck; as a result he attended his GP six days following his accident and was signed of work for five works, having to return for financial reasons. He continued to suffer constant ache and discomfort in his neck some nine months following his accident and he was referred for physiotherapy treatment.  He continues to experience flare ups with the aching and discomfort becoming quite severe pain.  This causes his neck to seize up and he cannot look towards the right.  This will then last for a few days and therefore he takes Diclofenac to relieve the pain.  These symptoms are likely to be permanent but will not get any worse.
Prior to his accident our client used to play football two to three times a month as well as golf approximately twice a month.  Following the accident he was unable to participate in these activities because of the discomfort it causes in his neck and required assistance from family and friends around the home as well as with shopping and washing.  He was unable to do the gardening as this would bring on the pain in his neck and also still avoids doing certain things which are not absolutely necessary as he knows this will cause pain and discomfort.  His neck tightens up throughout the day and is something that he will have to tolerate for the rest of his life.

The Defendant admitted liability and through the hard work of Personal Injury expert, Kerry Hadley from Irwin Mitchell’s Sheffield office, £6816.74 was secured in an out of Court settlement.

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