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Five Figure Compensation Secured For Pedestrian Following Road Traffic Accident

Irwin Mitchell’s road traffic accident experts helped secure compensation for a woman after being knocked over by a car in 2008.

Whilst crossing the road on a dry and sunny day our client reached halfway when she noticed a vehicle coming towards her and therefore stopped crossing. Believing that the driver of the vehicle had also come to a standstill on the white lines, she continued to cross the remaining lane of the road only to be struck by the vehicle causing her to be knocked to the ground, where she sustained injury to her left shoulder and humeral area, with extensive bruising to both buttocks.

Our client was taken to hospital by ambulance and en route was deemed to be suffering from shock.  Morphine was given for the pain.  Upon arrival at hospital she underwent x-ray where fractures were diagnosed to her humerus.  Her arm was put in a sling and physiotherapy was received a few days later.
As a result of the injuries sustained in the accident, our client has suffered pain in her central chest area, radiating to her back making it difficult to breathe.  She was unable to lay on her side in bed and instead had to sit up.  She could not lift her arm properly and her concentration was affected for the first couple of months following the accident making it impossible for her to read.  She was also unable to carry out gardening.  The tightness in her chest was improved with Shiatsu treatments. 

Following the accident the woman was unable to drive as she did not trust her own judgment and that of other drivers and pedestrian responses.  She had to rely on her husband to take her shopping.  To assist with her recovery she also attended Chi Chung and Yoga classes.

Her walking has reduced somewhat and she feels anxious when walking on uneven terrain, affecting the type of holidays she now takes.  Her stamina has greatly reduced and her husband carries out the more strenuous gardening tasks.  Following her accident she required assistance from her husband, who took two days off work, with cooking, household chores, dressing and personal hygiene.  Our clients sleep pattern was also affected and she often wakes with a stiff back and/or pins and needles in the front of her right thigh.
Following the incident, she was required to take one week off work and due to her being self-employed she sustained a loss of earning. She has been affected by fatigue since her accident as a result of which she feels unable to take on more work.
The Defendants agreed to deal with the matter on a without prejudice as to liability basis and due to the injuries sustained and loss of earnings, our client secured £10,500.00 in an out of Court settlement.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident as a pedestrian, our specialist road traffic accident solicitors could help you to claim compensation. See our Pedestrian Accident Compensation page for more information.

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