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Motorcyclist Injured In Road Traffic Collision Receives Five Figure Sum

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist road traffic accident team has helped a motorcyclist claim compensation after he was injured in a road traffic collision in 2009.

Our client was riding his motorcycle along Bowbridge Road in Newark when a car unexpectedly pulled out from a side road colliding with him.    

The accident dislocated our client’s left shoulder and he continued to experience severe pain and discomfort for months after. Due to the continuing pain, Irwin Mitchell instructed a medical expert to examine him. 

The examination revealed an imbalance in his shoulders which had been caused by the fracture.  The pain only worsened and after some time, he was then diagnosed with a frozen right shoulder resultant of overcompensating for the injured left.

Nicola Meese, personal injury specialist based in our Sheffield office, worked on the case and recovered £18,184.70 for the client as compensation for the suffering he’d experienced.

If you or a loved one has been injured in motorcycle accident, our road traffic accident claims team could help you secure compensation. Visit our Motorcycle Accident Compensation page for more information.

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