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Four Figure Clinical Negligence Claim Secured For Young Woman

Through the hard work of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors a young woman, Rachel, has secured a four-figure compensation sum after suffering intense pain following the incorrect insertion of a contraceptive implant.

In September 2010, Rachel decided to have an Implanon contraceptive implant inserted into her arm to prevent pregnancy.

She attended her local GP surgery where a practice nurse numbed her arm and inserted the implant. Immediately after the implant was in her arm, Rachel felt severe pain to her left arm. As a result, her arm was extremely tender and as such movement was restricted. She also noticed that she could not feel the implant through the skin. Due to such side affects she immediately raised these concerns with the nurse who stated that she was overreacting. In the end, Rachel was advised to visit the Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) clinic.

The pain in Rachel’s arm was so intense the nurse was unable to conduct an examination and Rachel was advised to come back the following day. When she returned the next day, she was advised to take pain medication and return one week later. On this occasion the implant in her arm was not felt.

Rachel returned to the clinic one week later where an ultrasound was performed. Rachel was assured that the positioning of the implant was correct. Despite the persistent pain, Rachel believed this was normal due to the reassurance she had been given following the ultrasound.

Rachel decided she was unable to cope with the continued pain and therefore in October 2011 she attended the GUM clinic to have the implant removed. She was given local anaesthetic. When the incision was made in her arm the implant could not be found. The incision was then closed with two sutures and she was transferred to another clinic so further examination could take place.

At a later date, Rachel attended another appointment for an ultrasound to take place. She was at this stage informed that the implant had been inserted too deep in the muscles which lead to her extreme pain and discomfort. Following advice, Rachel used other forms of contraception as the implant may not have been effective due to the incorrect positioning.

After being on a waiting list, the implant was eventually removed three months later in January 2012. Three local anaesthetic injections, another incision and two more sutures were needed to remove the implant, which left her with two scars instead of the one. The pain gradually settled down within a couple of weeks and no long-term side affects have been recorded.

As a result of the treatment and suffering she went through as a result of the incorrect placement of the implant and after care, Rachel approached specialist solicitors at Irwin Mitchell’s Birmingham office to act on her behalf. Through the hard work of medical negligence solicitor, Jenna Harris a four-figure compensation sum has been secured.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a surgical error or negligence, our clinical negligence solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Surgery Claims page for more information.

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