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Successful Finding Of Unlawful Killing Despite Defendant’s Refusal To Accept Liability

One evening, our client and her husband were out seeing friends for dinner. As they were returning to their vehicle at the end of the night, the Defendant’s van drove into them.

Both our client and her husband sustained serious orthopaedic injuries. Tragically, our client’s husband later died as a result of the severity of his injuries.

Accountability for the incident was strongly disputed, with the Defendant making no offer of liability right up to the point of the settlement meeting, one month prior to the liability trial. Irwin Mitchell’s specialist solicitors attended the Inquest and were able to successfully argue for a finding of unlawful killing. In light of our expert evidence, we were able to settle both the claim on behalf of the Claimant and on behalf of the Estate for a sum close to £300,000 on 100% liability basis.

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