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Man Suffers Nerve Damage After Negligence During Surgery

Matthew, a retired electrician, was in hospital to undergo the removal of his prostate gland following some concern that he was showing the early signs of prostate cancer. Although the operation was carried out successfully, it was at the very end of the surgery, as the anaesthetist was removing a small tube from his arm, that mistakes were made.

Rather than safely removing the tube, the anaesthetist cut the equipment, leaving a small piece embedded in Matthew’s arm. Understanding that if the piece of tubing was left inside, it could travel to one of Matthew’s internal organs, vascular surgeons were called and they made a cut to Matthew’s arm to remove the tubing. However, although the surgeons were able to successfully remove the tube, the operation also caused some nerve damage to Matthew’s arm.

As a result of the nerve damage, Matthew suffered a loss of movement and a reduction in grip strength in his left hand. He also experienced a pins and needles sensation in his forearm for over a year after the operation. This had an impact on the type of clothing he was able to wear, as long sleeved shirts irritated his symptoms. Matthew was also unable to provide his disabled wife with the same level of care he had prior to the operation.

Jessica Neary, solicitor in the Medical Law and Patients’ Right Team at Irwin Mitchell, guided Matthew through his claim. The Defendant admitted liability and Matthew received £17,500 in compensation for the pain and suffering he experienced as a result of an unnecessary surgery and to help pay for any DIY and gardening that he might need in the future.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a surgical error or negligence, our medical negligence solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Surgery Claims page for more information.

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