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Failure To Properly Store Skips Causes Serious Injury

Our client, a 26-year-old man, was working below an area where some skips were being stored when the supporting beams collapsed and the skips fell to the ground.

Our client was struck on the head and back by the falling objects, suffering soft tissue damage to his back. The injury to his head led to post-concussional syndrome, a condition which can result in symptoms such as anxiety, irritability and fatigue. However, it is clear that his injuries could have been far more serious.

Fortunately, our client has made a good recovery, and has since been able to return to his job. Although he struggles with lifting heavy objects, this is expected to improve. His injuries do, however, mean that he has been left with an increased risk of developing epilepsy.

Immediately following the accident, our client lost much of his independence and was unable to care for his wife and baby son.

Irwin Mitchell lawyers helped our client to recover compensation for the incident and it is hoped that this case serves as a reminder of the importance of correctly storing heavy objects in the workplace.

Our expert personal injury solicitors could help you make a No Win No Fee compensation claim if you’ve been injured by a falling object at work. See our Falling Object Claims page for more information.

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