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Woman Receives Compensation After Accident Whilst Stationary in a Queue of Traffic

A woman was involved in a road traffic accident in June 2008 when she was a front seat passenger in a motor vehicle. The vehicle was hit from behind by another vehicle whilst stationary in a queue or traffic. The woman was jolted forward and immediately experienced severe pain in her lower back. She was taken to hospital by ambulance.

The woman was wheelchair bound prior to the accident due to lower limb weakness. She had got to the point where she was able to stand and push herself around in a walking frame, on a good day she could take around 20 steps.

Following the accident the woman suffered pain in her legs and lower back, she is no longer able to walk with the aid of a walking frame and requires a carer. She also needs to use a board to transfer between chairs and from bed to chair. She spends most of her time in an electric wheelchair.

The woman wore Fentanyl patches and took Pregabalin tablets which were prescribed by the Pain Clinic. She also underwent domiciliary physiotherapy. She returned to travelling by car two months after the accident but remains nervous as a passenger.

With help from Irwin Mitchell, the case was settled in November 2011 and the woman received £12,000 in an out of Court settlement.

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