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Supermarket Worker Receives Compensation Following Injury At Work

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist accident at work department has assisted a supermarket worker to claim compensation after she suffered an allergic reaction to a cleaning product at work.

Our client worked as a cashier in a supermarket. She had been asked to assist a colleague in cleaning the tills and was using a cleaning solution, M2. She was not provided with gloves and was told the product was “as safe as water”. After using this solution for around 90 minutes her hands began tingling and feeling sore. By the next morning her hands were extremely swollen and red and her fingers were stiff and painful. Her skin was dry and cracked.
She was prescribed creams and advised to wash her hands as much as possible. She was referred to a dermatologist through private health insurance.
Because of the swelling to her hands she had difficulty with household tasks and looking after her children and herself. She was unable to use her hands for around 4-5 days. She was off work for one week and had difficulties at home for two weeks. The condition of her hands also caused her social embarrassment.
The client felt her hands remained fragile and would fissure on minor trauma, but the medical expert believed any symptoms after about four months were due to an underlying tendency to eczema.
Irwin Mitchell’s specialist accident at work team assisted our client to obtain £2,820 in compensation.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury at work, our personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Accident At Work Claims page for more information.


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