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Office Worker Recovers £21,000 After Fall At Work

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Personal Injury team has assisted Mr S to obtain compensation after he suffered an accident at work.

At the time of his accident our client worked at a depot unloading Lorries. Mr S was in the process of sorting boxes from the back of a lorry onto a conveyor belt which would then carry the boxes into the building. As Mr S went to place a large box onto the belt he tripped on some debris on the lorry floor and fell striking his side and shoulder.

As a result of his fall our client sustained a badly dislocated shoulder which required surgery. Mr S required physiotherapy to help improve the movement in his shoulder. He still experiences some pain from his injury, has restricted movement and struggles to lift heavy items.

Primary liability was admitted by the company’s insurer and a deduction was agreed to reflect our client’s part in the accident. Mr S received £21,000 which covered damages for his injuries, loss of earnings during his absence and contributed to the care and assistance he had needed following the accident.

Employers need to ensure that floors are kept free from items likely to cause staff to trip and fall.

Our personal injury claims team could help you secure compensation if you’ve fallen from height at work. Visit our Fall From Height Claims page for more information.

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