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Man Receives £32,500 Settlement Following An Industrial Accident Claim

Expert lawyers at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors have successfully secured a five figure settlement for our client following an accident at work he had nearly four years ago.
John was employed as a Leading Hand at the time of his accident; his duties included working in the boat yard and driving a forklift truck to move boats around.

John’s accident occurred in October 2008 when he was asked to lift a boat, anchor and chain (reaching 190 feet long) off two floating pontoons in the outer dock. The anchor and chain had previously been lowered and spread unevenly over two floating pontoons in the outer dock. The chain was causing the pontoon to slope in the water. Along with two colleagues, John was in the process of removing the chain from the pontoons using an overhead electric crane, which was on runners 30 feet above. The crane was operated roughly 15 feet above the man by a colleague and they planned to move the chain about five metres at a time. On the third lift, the chain on the pontoon began to slide off into the water, causing John to move out of the way and the pontoon to tilt. John was thrown towards the side of the dock and as he tried to jump off the pontoon to safety, he landed either on the steel rail of the walkway, or the concrete part of the dock, which was three feet deep in water.

John experienced excruciating pain in his leg as well as injuries to his hand and thumb. When he arrived at A&E, it was confirmed that John had smashed his knee, requiring surgery using pins and wires. Following the operation, his leg was placed in a splint with metal rods on either side. John remained in hospital for five or six days and was provided with crutches upon discharge. John has since has been left with an eight to ten inch scar above his knee.

Since the accident John has undergone a course of physiotherapy and required assistance with washing and dressing for the first month after the accident.

John instructed Kerry Hadley from the litigation department in the Sheffield office to investigate his claim of compensation. Kerry entered negotiations with John’s employer and successfully secured £32,500 in an out of Court settlement in June 2012.

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