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Five Figure Sum Secured For Woman Following Injury Sustained At Work

The Claimant was involved in an accident at work in April 2009.  She was employed as a Customer Service Adviser and was working in a hospital.  Whilst proceeding along a pathway outside the hospital she tripped upon a broken paving slab causing her to fall forward.   She intended to put out her hands to break her fall, however, she twisted round and landed on her right hand side.  The brunt of the fall was taken on her bottom.  Although our client was wearing sensible shoes, the force of the trip took part of her shoe away from the sole as it caught on the slab.

Soft tissue injury was sustained with contusion and bruising, with pain over the right hip radiating down into the leg. Following her fall, she was diagnosed with persistent trochanteric bursitis over the right hip which has been treated by anti-inflammatory injection.  She also underwent a course of physiotherapy treatment.  The Claimant has some residual disability for recreational activities such as walking, swimming and gardening.

As a result of the accident, one week was required off work.  She is at some disadvantage on the open labour market in terms of restriction of strenuous manual occupations; however, she is fit to continue working in her current state.

The Defendant admitted liability and through the hard work of Irwin Mitchell’s Personal Injury team, the Claimant recovered £10,000.00 in an out of Court settlement.

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