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Chesterfield Woman Receives Compensation After Ankle Injury

An Irwin Mitchell client was walking along a public pavement in Chesterfield, pushing her young child in a pram.  She sustained an injury when she inadvertently placed her foot within a broken grate and fell over, twisting her foot.  As a result of the fall, our client sustained a severely sprained and bruised ankle.

The Council's insurers initially denied being at fault on the basis that they believed that they had a reasonable standard of inspection in place. Their system however, was proven to be flawed on this occasion, as it appeared that the defect had been missed upon their inspection after the client's accident. This in turn raised doubts that the defect had been missed on previous inspections.

Irwin Mitchell’s expert personal injury team pursued this case on behalf of our client and a positive outcome was achieved, with the claim settling out of court for £3,280.

If you've been injured while on council property, our specialist personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visits our Claims Against The Council page for more information.

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