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Successful Claim For Postman Following Fall At Work

During our client’s employment with Royal Mail he suffered an injury resulting from a slip and fall while delivering post.

Our client was conducting his rounds when he fell from the front step of a house. The step had been left in an unstable and dangerous condition which meant that when our client stood on the step he slipped sideways into the defendant’s garden, landing heavily on his right hand side. He sustained a sprain and ligament damage to his right ankle.

Although the defendant failed to respond to our initial letters, thanks to the work of Irwin Mitchell solicitors the claim was successfully settled with £3,600 going to our client and £487 going to Royal Mail to make up for the time our client was required to take off work in order to recuperate.

If you've been injured as a result of a slip or trip at work, our personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Workplace Slip & Trip Claims page for more information.

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