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Primary School Teacher Suffers Severe Head Injuries On A School Trip

Our client, Mrs M, went to check on the children just before midnight on the night of the incident. Another member of staff from the school group was locked out of her room and Mrs M offered to find the duty member of staff from PGL Limited to get a spare key.

When Mrs M failed to return, her concerned colleagues went to look for her. They found her confused and injured with cuts and bruises to her arms and legs. She told them that she had fallen down some stairs that were unlit and not visible in the dark, but that she had no other memory of the fall.

After the incident had been reported, Mrs M was taken to a hospital where she was treated for soft tissue damage to her back, shoulder and arms, a broken wrist and a chipped shoulder.

However, Mrs M continued to suffer severe pain and began to develop problems with her eyesight and an inability to recognise words and letters. A brain scan showed that she had fractured her skull and had severe brain damage.

Her injuries meant that Mrs M was unable to continue with the career she loved and her lifestyle was completely changed.

Despite issues with liability, with the help of Irwin Mitchell solicitors, Mrs M received £300,000 in compensation from PGL Limited. This result will help to significantly improve her lifestyle and ease her financial worries, enabling Mrs M to focus on her recovery.

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