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Five Figure Sum For Yorkshire Steel Worker Injured By Crane At Work

A steelworker from Yorkshire has received a five figure sum in compensation following an accident at work which left him with a badly broken leg.

Mr M sustained his injuries when a crane hook, which had become caught on a furnace, released and rebounded, smashing the bone in his leg. He suffered a badly broken leg and depression following the accident.

Lisa Fairclough, of Irwin Mitchell's specialist workplace accident team, assisted Mr M in bringing a legal claim against his employers. She said: "Although Mr M had received some limited training at work, more senior members of staff ignored the training so that they could get the job done quicker.  Less experienced workers therefore followed suit, and this is how Mr M was injured.  It is important not only that suitable training is given but also that it is put into action and enforced on the factory floor for more than just a few days after it takes place."

It is hoped that this incident will ensure that lessons are learnt and accidents of this nature are prevented from occurring in future.

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