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Compensation For Worker Who Was Injured In Accident In Bakery

A bakery worker has received £20,000 in compensation for serious burns sustained to his arm as a result of an accident at work.

Arthur had gone to unblock a jam on the production line where baking tins were not lining up correctly. He had stopped the machinery as it was alleged was the usual practice by touching a photocell. Unfortunately, as the worker was clearing the jam, the machine re-started and his arm became trapped between the hot tins and a part of the machinery. It was alleged that the machine should not have re-started without a control being operated.

As a result of the accident, the worker suffered serious burns to his forearm requiring skin grafts. It is also likely that he will require further surgery in order to reduce the tightness of the skin on his arm and to improve the appearance of the remaining scaring. However, it is likely that Arthur will always have significant scarring to his arm.

Louise Morgan, an Associate Solicitor at Irwin Mitchell, represented Arthur and helped him successfully claim compensation for his injuries.

Our personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation for a burn, laceration or scarring from an injury at work. See our Burns, Scars & Lacerations At Work Claims page for more information.

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