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Back Injury At Helicopter Hanger

In February 2009, our client was working at a helicopter hanger in Willingdon Island, Cochin, India when he realised that there was not enough water to flush the office toilet. As had happened on many previous occasions, he was forced to collect 2.5 gallons of water in a bucket and carry it from one end of the office complex to the other.

As our client carried the bucket, he slipped on the flooded hallway and, owing to the weight of the water-filled bucket, heavily jarred his back.

On his arrival at hospital, our client was given muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medication, pain relief injections and physiotherapy. An MRI scan revealed a back injury which would require surgery.

Almost three years later and our client continues to suffer from back pain, reduced movement, and sciatica and cramps in his legs. He is also unable to lift heavy objects and experiences discomfort when standing or sitting for long periods.

Irwin Mitchell is helping this man to bring a claim against his employers, AgustaWestland Limited.

If you or a loved one has suffered a back injury while at work and it wasn't your fault, our specialist accident at work claims team could help you to claim compensation. Read our Back Injury at Work Compensation page for more information.

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