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Man Receives Compensation For Delayed Diagnosis Of Nerve Damage In Hand

Our client, a 38 year old man from York, began to experience pins and needles in his left hand in November 2008. He told a nurse about the problem and was referred to a Consultant Neurophysiologist.

The Consultant arranged for our client to have electro tests on both of his hands. The tests confirmed that his left arm was damaged. He was advised that he would be sent a splint for his arm but no treatment was available to address the damage or ongoing symptoms of pins and needles. Despite several requests, our client never received a splint from the hospital.

Approximately six months later, our client went to see his GP in relation to an unrelated knee problem. The GP asked if he was generally fit and well and our client then brought up the pins and needles sensation. The GP examined his arm and said that he suspected an ulnar nerve injury and that this could potentially cause him to lose his arm if he did not have surgery.

By the time the surgery took place, the pins and needles had become constant and his fourth and fifth fingers had curled under. It was identified that our client had axonal degeneration in his left hand.

Following surgery, our client was left with ongoing problems in his left arm and hand due to muscle wastage. His ability to grip has been affected and he is now unable to carry out intricate tasks with his left hand. He experiences swelling and aching in his hand, affecting his ability to work as a prison officer initially, and is still restricted leisure activities such as fishing, going to the gym and playing on games consoles.

Our client approached Irwin Mitchell in Leeds to bring a claim against the hospital trust for delayed diagnosis of the axonal degeneration. With the help of Liam Riley of the Medical Law and Patient Rights team in Leeds, our client received £10,000 in compensation.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a delayed or misdiagnosed medical condition, our clinical negligence solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Medical Misdiagnosis Claims page for more information.

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