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Man Injured By Defective Angle Grinder At Work Wins Compensation

Irwin Mitchell has been able to obtain compensation for John, a worker injured when using an angle grinder.

The electric handheld grinder did not have a handle fitted and did not have an automatic cut out. As John was using the grinder, it caught the edge of a panel and flew out of his hands. He sustained a deep laceration to his hand and is continued to operate, damaging tendons and an artery which required surgical repair.

Following the accident, John spent time with his hand in a splint and has also been left with some reduction in grip strength.

It was alleged that the grinder was defective in that it should have had a handle and automatic cut off and failure to provide this was negligent of John’s employer. The insurers of John's employer admitted liability.

John received a five figure sum in compensation which included reimbursement of his loss of earnings whilst he was absent from work and the care and assistance provided to John by his family during his recovery.

If you’ve been injured at work due to defective equipment, our personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Defective Work Equipment Claims page for more information.

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