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71 Year Old Woman Injured at Barnsley Bus Interchange

Irwin Mitchell have settled a compensation claim for a 71-year-old Barnsley woman, who was injured whilst walking down the stairs at Barnsley Bus Interchange.

Our team were instructed by the lady, who upon arriving at the Interchange, proceeded to disembark from her bus, ascend the bus station escalator and walk across the connecting overhead walkway from the bus terminal to the rail terminal.  After crossing the overhead walkway, our client was required to walk down two flights of stairs to reach the required platform of the railway station in order to catch her connecting train.

As our client was descending the stairs towards the platform she was caused to slip on a discarded food item, falling forwards; first onto her knees and then sliding down eight steps on her left hand side.  In an attempt to halt her fall, our client reached for a handrail to her left, striking a metal upright on the intermediate stair and landing with her arm.  Our client’s fall was broken by the intermediate stair landing where she ended her fall in a spread eagled position.

As a result of this accident our client sustained a fracture to her hand, bruising to her knees, twisting injury to her right knee and a soft tissue injury to the left side of her chest.  The accident related bruising settled within a couple of weeks of the accident with the hand  fracture being manipulated and treated in a gutter splint with the client remaining in plaster cast for six weeks.

Liability was originally disputed however the defendants were unable to provide documentary evidence in support of a cleaning regime and therefore subsequently accepted primary liability for this incident.  Our specialist team were able to recover damages in the sum of £3,300, by way of compensation for our client.

If you or a loved one has suffered a fracture or broken bone as the result of an accident, our serious injury claims team could help you claim compensation. Visit our Broken Bone Or Fracture Claims page for more information.

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