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Middle Aged Man Dies Following A Delay In Diagnosis Of A Brain Tumour

Simon suffered a seizure and as a consequence he attended his local hospital. An MRI scan was arranged and Simon was informed that he had suffered a stroke.
Simon continued to suffer with seizures despite the diagnosis of a stroke. The seizures became increasingly worse with time and Simon was becoming concerned. He subsequently attended his GP and was later seen by a neurologist and a repeat MRI scan was organised.

On this occasion Simon was informed that he in fact had a brain tumour. Simon was shocked by the diagnosis. The MRI taken some months previously was then reviewed and it became clear that Simon had been incorrectly diagnosed as suffering a Stroke when in actual fact he had a brain tumour.

The brain tumour that was responsible for Simon’s seizures and further investigations should have been undertaken following the initial MRI. Simon was later referred for a biopsy which revealed a grade III tumour.

Despite radical radiotherapy, Simon continued to deteriorate and unfortunately passed away later on that year, leaving his wife and grown up children.
It was the Claimant’s case that had Simon received appropriate treatment following the initial MRI scan, when he first attended the Hospital, he would have responded well to the treatment and the majority of the tumour would have been surgically removed. This would have altered his prognosis significantly.

Simon’s wife brought a clinical negligence claim against the NHS Trust for the failure to diagnose his tumour earlier and provide adequate treatment. Simon’s premature death caused a great deal of distress to his family and friends.

With the representation from specialist medical negligence solicitors, Mandy Luckman and Jenna Harris a five figure sum was secured by way of compensation to provide for Simon’s family.

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