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Cyclist Receives Compensation After Falling Off Bike

Irwin Mitchell has recently helped a man to claim compensation after he was injured cycling down a country road.

Our client was cycling on a country road, heading towards the descent of a hill when he encountered a number of large potholes. The first pothole caused our client to lose control of the bike and shortly after he hit a second pothole. Upon impact of the second pothole our client’s front wheel buckled and his front tyre burst this caused him to move violently forward, hitting his chest on the handlebars. Our client then fell off the bicycle, landing on the tarmac and on his right shoulder.

He managed to walk away from the accident but the next day he was unable to get out of bed due to extreme pain caused from the injuries sustained. He was assisted to hospital to a local hospital by his mother, where he was diagnosed as suffering severe bruising to his chest from the impact with the handlebars. He also sustained a severe injury to his right hand shoulder, pulling it from its socket and damaged the tendons. He was referred to the Orthopaedic Clinic for review, subsequently undergoing physiotherapy treatment.

He decided to contact Irwin Mitchell’s experienced public liability team and we were able to deal with his claim. Initially the Defendant denied liability and court proceeding were issued. After further negotiations the defendant offered £10,000 to settle both damaged and costs and the case was settled.

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