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Compensation for Woman Injured In Accident at Work

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist personal injury team has successfully recovered compensation for a lady who suffered a serious spinal injury in an accident at work.

Our client was an up and coming hair and make-up artist and was working on tour with a pop band, when she fell from one of the bunk beds in the tour bus and sustained a serious fracture to her spine.

She was in a back brace for a number of weeks and although the fracture united, she continued to suffer ongoing pain. This meant she was unable to work to the standard she was working to before her accident and she lost the momentum she had built up due to her absence from the work place.  

The bus company originally denied they were at fault for the accident, however with thanks to her solicitor, Laura Middleton-Guerard, we were able to gain enough evidence from experts in the industry to prove that our client sustained an ongoing loss of earnings as she was unable to take on the amount of work but also had to change the nature of the work that she usually secured due to her physical restrictions. 

Our client received £210,000 in compensation following her accident which has given her access to the rehabilitation (notably osteopathy sessions) which enabled her to strengthen her back and compensate her for her lost earnings.

If you’ve suffered a back injury at work, our workplace accident solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Back Injury At Work Claims page for more information.

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