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Anaesthetist Recovers Compensation After Suffering Tinnitus

Irwin Mitchell successfully fought for a claimant involved in an accident which occurred at his place of work in September 2010.

The claimant was employed as an anaesthetist and was in the changing room changing from his theatre clothes into his civilian clothes to leave. There was some background noise which became distressingly loud emanating from the nearby lift shaft. These were works being carried out in the lift shaft and the noise was caused by the use of a pneumatic drill. The claimant proceeded to his car to drive home and found he could not hear properly, particularly in the left ear. 

The claimant suffered tinnitus which continued over the next couple of days. The claimant has been left with some hearing loss and will deteriorate further with age. There is no treatment for tinnitus.  If the tinnitus becomes intrusive then tinnitus therapy may be beneficial.

The defendants admitted liability and the claimant recovered £17,500 in an out of Court settlement.

Our personal injury solicitors could help you to you claim compensation for tinnitus if the condition was caused following exposure to excessive noise at work. Visit our Tinnitus Claims page for more information.

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