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£7,000 Compensation For Woman Involved In Road Traffic Accident Whilst Travelling To Work

Irwin Mitchell recovered £7,000 compensation in an out of court settlement for a lady involved in a road traffic accident whilst travelling to work on a public transport bus.

After standing up to allow a fellow passenger off the bus, the lady’s seat jammed, resulting in her to collapse to the floor, injuring her knee. After experiencing difficulties both getting off the bus and weight bearing, our client was taken by ambulance to hospital where she was examined thoroughly.

An appointment was also made for her to be seen in the Fracture Clinic, following which, she was treated with a brace to immobilise her knee for approximately three weeks and then converted to a hinged brace for a further eight weeks. Shortly after treatment, the lady was able to return to work and subsequently underwent further physiotherapy treatment.

Kerry Hadley of Irwin Mitchell commented this was a positive outcome for the client and she was very happy with the £7,000 compensation awarded in July 2012 as a result of the pain and suffering caused by this accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a road traffic accident, our personal injury claims team could help you to secure compensation. Visit our Road Traffic Accident Compensation page for more information.

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