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£6250 Payout After Fall From Lorry At Work

Irwin Mitchell has recently helped a man to claim compensation after he was injured at work.

The man was injured when he and a colleague were collecting tarmac in a wagon. The man’s colleague, who was driving the vehicle pulled underneath the tarmac dropper.

Tonnes of tarmac were released from the dropper into the wagon that they were in. The tarmac did not drop into the wagon evenly so the man was instructed to climb into the back of the wagon to cover the tarmac with a sheet to help it remain hot.

As the man was covering the tarmac, his colleague told him that it would do, but the man informed him that he would need more time to fit the sheet over. The man’s colleague then proceeded to walk away to talk to someone else. His colleague then returned to the wagon and began to lower the large bucket and claw attached by the crane to the wagon. He did not check that the man was clear before doing this.

The crane pushed the man down into the tarmac and despite his screams; his colleague did not hear him and continued to lower the crane. Fearing that he would be crushed the man managed to push himself over the side of the wagon, but was unable to break his fall and suffered injury as a result.

Due to the injury the man had time off work. Liability was admitted by the Defendant in this case. Following the incident, he contacted our Irwin Mitchell’s to discuss making a compensation claim.

With the assistance of our Works Place Accidents team, the man received £6,250 in compensation.

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