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£2,300 Payout For Woman Injured In Debenhams Department Store

A woman has received £2,300 in compensation after she was injured in Debenhams department store.

Mrs T from Plymouth was shopping in the department store, when a Rentokil contract cleaner who was operating a buffing machine used for cleaning floors ran over her foot causing a crushing injury to her right big toe. 

She was wearing sandals at the time and Mrs T describes the incident as “ feeling like it was grinding the foot and as if it was being minced”.  Her toe was black and she attended hospital where it was found she had a chip fracture to the toe. 

For 2 months Mrs T was in severe pain and unable to wear closed shoes.  For several months her toe felt numb “as if it didn’t belong to her”.  Mrs T who has two children was unable to carry out her normal daily activities for several months following the incident and a planned holiday which was arranged prior to the accident was ruined by the pain in the foot.
The claim was settled by Andre Grayson of Irwin Mitchell’s Public Liability Team after liability was admitted by Rentokil.  Andre commented that this was a good result for Mrs T who suffered a nasty injury because a decision was made to operate the buffing machine during opening hours when there would have been lots of people walking past. 

No warnings were given that the buffing machine was being operated and Rentokil hadn’t thought of the risks it could pose to people walking past.

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