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Successful Claim Against The Council

We helped a man to make a successful claim against the council after he suffered multiple injuries due to failure to properly cover a sewage drain.

Our client had agreed to take some papers to a garage around the corner from a friend’s newsagents. While walking to the garage he noticed a large piece of plywood laid on the pavement.  Our client did not give this any thought and continued to walk towards the garage which meant him walking across the plywood. 

As our client placed his left foot on the corner of the plywood, it flipped over and as a result his left leg was plunged down a sewage drain which did not have any metal covering. Our client suffered a broken left hand along with soft tissue injuries to his left hand, elbow and leg. Sheffield City Council – Street Force admitted liability for the accident and our client recovered £2853.80 in compensation.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury and the council was at fault you might be entitled to claim compensation. Visit our Claims Against The Council page for more details or enquire online.

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