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Compensation For Boy With Cerebral Palsy

Our London medical negligence team has helped a boy with cerebral palsy secure a compensation settlement that will enable him to access specialist care for life.

When Ben was born he was in a very poor condition, having been asphyxiated prior to birth. It was claimed that the CTG scan had not been implemented properly and that it was in fact recording Ben's mother's heart rate rather than Ben's.

Ben's family contacted us and after investigating the case we issued court proceedings. The Defendant claimed that there was nothing on the CTG to suggest that Ben was in distress and that if the CTG was monitoring Ben's mother, it could not be deemed to be negligence on the part of midwives to have failed to notice this.

Expert evidence suggested that if the CTG had been properly reviewed, Ben would have been born five minutes earlier and his injuries could have been prevented.

Ben is now 6 years old and has cerebral palsy. He suffers with severe intellectual impairment, learning difficulties and motor impairment. He will never walk or talk and is fed with a gastrostomy tube.

Shortly before trial, we achieved a settlement equivalent to £4.6m over the Ben’s lifetime. The settlement will allow Ben and his family to access care and adapt their home and transport to meet his needs. Ben will also be able to access specialist therapies and equipment.

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