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Pedestrian Road Traffic Accident Claim

A 14 year old girl was injured when she was struck by a taxi which mounted the pavement.

The girl suffered multiple soft tissue injuries, fractured ribs and collarbone.  She was admitted to hospital for a few days and was unable to move her collarbone for a few months.  She made good recovery four months thereafter but continued to have minor symptoms.  

She also suffered psychological symptoms and has no recollection of the vehicle hitting her or her journey to and subsequent her stay in hospital.  She also suffered sleep disturbance, nightmares, fear of leaving home and crossing roads, loss of interests and now avoids talking about the accident and backs away from silver coloured vehicles.  She has also experienced irritability, behavioural changes and poor concentration at school.

The taxi driver admitted liability and the girl recovered £11,800 in an out of Court settlement.

The Case was settled in October 2011.

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